Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sheffer Gallery - David Kas

David Kas - Mysterium Magnum

It's going to be very hard not to gush in this post...But these new works from an Artist I have not seen since 1991 are quite breathtaking!!!

The 'Landscape & Memory' series are the ones I'm most fond of...Charcoal on paper...Misty images that take the eye on a quiet journey to distant lands...

Oil on board...The Artist used a palette knife to scratch away detailed bracken fern imagery across the entire surface...We both couldn't stop looking at them...Around and around the room we went!!!

And thank you to Andrew for starting up the Sheffer Gallery, we look forward to returning soon...

written by fleur

29th June - 10th July 2010


  1. Oh bugger I missed this opening! Saw David earlier this year and a few new paintings, & was sent an email about the opening. Will get along and see it next week though.

  2. hi david and i were friends at art school last millennium.. does any one have an email or contact for him i was going to say hi see how he looks as an ol man haha his web site is down and i dont think he is on facebook but it would b great to say hi..he can really paint these days but he always was landscape orientated we used to go bush painting sometimes ..ok my email cam01235@gmail.com my name cameron thanx