Thursday, June 10, 2010

Library Stairwell Gallery, National Art School - Paper Cut

Alice Stokes, Tammie Castles and Vanja Zaric

We promise Alice, we are not stalking you...we just love your work, since first seeing it at the Xavier Art Space at St Vincents Hospital in April and Tammie Castles work at Brenda May Gallery in March this year...We are suckers for drawings and works on and with paper...

The Library Stairwell Gallery is an interesting space with Vanja Zaric's moon like paintings working well in the upstairs room...coming downstairs to feast your eyes on a collection of intimate drawings by Alice Stokes and a vast selection of humorous postcards by Tammie Castles...

But, don't leave the gallery until you have seen the four dark drawings under the'll be sorry if you do...

written by fleur

7th June - 18th June 2010

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