Sunday, May 2, 2010

Charles Hewitt Gallery - Ivan Goodacre - The Lay Of The Land

My good mate John Azzi rang me and told me he was going to this show. When I was up the coast Fleur went to the group show at Charles Hewitt and had mentioned Ivan's work ... so off I went...

On the whole there's some very lovely landscapes here... totally loved the ink drawings, it's when he really seems to understand the subject from an emotional place.

at their best the oils quote Andrew Wyeth ... not a bad thing in my mind... there's beautiful textured wheat happening and the colour palette is, well, something that you could really live with ...

but... and there is a but!... it's that everything is hung. There is no curation here. It's a lot of work and some just shouldn't be there, just too sugary sweet...  and too many for the room.

And then there's the numbers ... this may sound petty but I really like to scan a room and the the dymo numbers ( BTW: I love dymo numbers!) are here there and everywhere, one's in the middle of a painting, one's at the bottom, one's underneath ... as you scan the room it's as if you are reading some Dada music score, a score you don't really want interfering with the enjoyment of the paintings; add the red dots and the score is complete.

Worth seeing, and really affordable. It's a good show ... I'd just like to run in and rehang it.
29th April - 17th May

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