Friday, September 17, 2010

Australian Galleries- Roylston Street - Rodney Pople

He says he's been working in this hybrid medium for the past 4 years... The scale of these works makes you think...maybe longer... Well he certainly didn't create them in an all night science project!!!

I love painting and I love photography and the way he brings the 2 together is a whole new chapter for 'Art Through The Ages'...

The subject matter is another story, although it's been running through his veins for awhile and with winning the 'Blake Prize' in 2008 seems it has started to morph into something more grandeur!!!

There is more explicit sex scenes in every day life!!!...  So what!  They didn't bother me... I was more affected by the shark's, their presence within the Gothic religion atmosphere...

And, after all these years I'm still wondering why most of us wear black to an Art opening... Thank god for a rare few and Stuart Purves feet!!!..

Get down to the Gallery and see it... even for the sign on the door!!!

written by fleur

14th September - 2nd October 2010

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