Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gallery 9 - Craig Waddell

Probably the first sweep I've done of an almost empty Gallery... But I got in early just so to film the work before the crowds arrived...

Gorgeous, sumptuous, delicious and gorgeous, oops have I already said gorgeous, well gorgeous again!!!

I'm gushing I know! But I just love these beautiful paintings, good enough to eat... I told Craig I wanted to lick them, found out later I wasn't the only one who wanted too...

It was very hard to make a decision which one is my favourite between 'You have Touched My Soul', 'whispers Of Tomorrow', 'Now And Forever' and 'You Are Mine And Mine Alone'... Very romantic titles and a very romantic subject... And his application and manipulation of the paint... As if to use a Plasterer's trowel with wide flowing sweeps dragging the paint to create the beautiful flowers...

Craig has gone from strength to strength and it shows in this body of work, his last show here at Gallery 9 is nothing compared to this show... And a big congrats for winning the Mosman Art Prize this year... For he is a lovely, funny and charming fellow!!!

written by fleur

8th September - 2nd October 2010

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