Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay - Annibell Marrngamarrnga & Stewart MacFarlane

There's a sinister aspect to Stewart MacFarlane's paintings. They read as single panels from a graphic novel whose plot has not been totally explained. High contrast colours and deep shadows...

Now openings are a rarity at Michael Reid Gallery and this one was friendly and fun... should be more of them as so few people know where the gallery is.

Lovely to meet Stewart and his lovely wife Jane and of course catch up with Nerissa and meet Reg (I'd always wondered about those wee cartoons in the Herald).

Annibell Marrngamarrnga, downstairs weaves delicate large pandanus fibre forms of Yawk Yawk, the mythical beings said to live in freshwater streams and rockpools.

They hang as mobiles and on the wall and capture a lively and sometimes playful view of indigenous cosmology.

Written by Jimmy

8th September - 1st October 2010

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