Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Depot 11 Gallery - Gabrielle Courtenay

I always imagined Danks Street was easy to get to, well maybe if you drive... Not for this little duck though, a train/bus ride and then I over missed the mark by 3 blocks... But got there eventually to find a gallery full of wonderful paintings by someone I have known for some time but haven’t really seen much of her work...

These works are great, a definite surreal edge... Although void of bright colours, the grey hues seem to reflect a certain depth which gives the narrative ever changing colours...

I loved the series of small circular paintings hung together on one wall, each telling different aspects of a small story... My favourite would have to be the largest circular painting in the show ‘Colliding Worlds’, acrylic and oil on Belgian linen... I circled the room a few times and was always bought back to this painting, to me it’s like the entire universe on 1 canvas!!!

Now a fan I have to say, I love Gabrielle’s attention to detail, her sense of duty to keep her fans entranced... But I must apologize, I am a little late at putting this post up and this show sadly closes on Saturday 20th March, so please if your in Sydney get on a bus or walk and make sure your GPS is working and see this show...

Written by Fleur

8th March - 20th March 2011

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