Saturday, March 12, 2011

King Street Gallery on William - Robert Hirschmann

To be completely honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I have known Robert’s work since when I first stepped into King Street Gallery back in 1994.

It makes so much sense, as seeing the tiny self portrait and the uprooted trees, Robert is creating a new beginning for himself... Delving into his past, resurrecting his persona, striping away the layers of his personality to reveal a deep soul within... Tackling his bare roots as to say!!!

‘Night Jar’ oil and charcoal on board, speaks to me as once a large and proud Western Red Cedar in the glistening sunlight, I could be horribly wrong but the colours are richly dark and remind me of Cedar... ‘Local Roots I - VIII’ mixed media on paper, a beautiful tender representation, while ‘Rose’, ‘Famalia’ and ‘Horos’ all oil and charcoal on board throw wild passion into the wind... And ‘For Nick’ oil on linen brings you back and prepares you for what’s next...

‘Self Portrait (Madrid)’ pen on paper 1996 is an adorable reminder and ‘Untitled’ dry point etching, a portrait of Robert by Kevin Lincoln introduces us to an older version of Robert... ‘Momento II’ oil and charcoal on linen, is a knuckle buster with it’s thick as rough cement exterior and a quiet tortured soul looking out from within. I love ‘Falling’, oil and charcoal on board and ‘Echo’ and ‘Blind’ both oil on linen, with there tiny hints of colour of a life that once lived...

‘October I - V’ chalk and graphite on board a series depicting the end of life for a tree, the stages of decay and I found myself contemplating on the chalk marks...

‘Wangaratta - Whitfield Road 1 & 2’ charcoal and oilstick on paper are two really sweet works that softens the blow before ‘Momento I’ oil on linen, is this him? is this a self portrait? with his steely eyes and a 3 day growth... Could well be but are we to really know!!! It’s a strong and gutsy work built up with loads of raw energy...

Robert is Not an arrogant twat, thankfully, he’s deeply sensitive and quietly spoken and
he deserves some praise, we’ve all missed him when he left sydney long ago to live in the bush and start a family... But he’s still painting and keeping in touch!!!

But these works and past works remind me of another artist but in a good way as Anselm Kiefer is one of my all time favourite artists so I guess Robert Hirschmann is too!!!

Written by Fleur

8th March - 2nd April 2011

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