Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gaffa - Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria

'Bodhisattvas is the title of Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria’s first solo show. The title of the exhibition was chosen as a response to the Buddhist concept of enlightened existence or the enlightened being. Wolfe-Alegria draws on this idea as inspiration for a body of work that deals with notions of self-awakening and liberation, as each work produces both a personal and universal narrative, playing on themes of intimacy and inter-connectedness'

A hip and gorgeous crowd ... We want them at any/our next show!!!

The Gaffa Gallery was throbbing, as part of ArtMonth celebrations and what an interesting Gallery this is...

We took the stairs and found Eduardo was showing his vibrant illustrative works with an MA @ SCA in progress!!!

These works are large and lush... Great fluro colours bounce from the walls and the subject matter is complex and interesting...

On a lighter note It got me thinking about the skeleton obsessions many artists have...

Written by Bernadette

10th March - 23rd March 2011

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