Monday, March 28, 2011

S.H. Ervin Gallery - Wendy Sharpe

Isn't all life really imagined? ... Dive into the divine world of Wendy Sharpe ... For a painter who paints from life ... What’s imagined and what’s not?

Wendy Harmer opened this show and talked about the ‘Wonderful World of Wendy's’, the connection all Wendy's share in having the same name! Just like the marvelous group 'The Shirley's who formed a few years back to celebrate their name.

Its good to talk about sharing a name, women do that sort of thing, they share other common experiences as well ... Which brings us to the content and concept of Wendy Sharpes work. Artists express and often bring things out into the open, so do a lot of women.

Wendy is an artist who wears her heart on her sleeve, bringing her world out into the open for us to experience and enjoy. I don’t know of many more natural or natural born artists than Wendy Sharpe in my life. Wendy's paintings only get better if that's possible..

Wendy taught many of us at NAS in the 90's and 00’s where she openly shared her exuberance, experience, energy and life, many a student still discuss her beautiful works, life sketchbooks and teaching she is such a generous Artist and that is everywhere in and who as a teacher never worried about sharing her Art and insight...

Wendy's show at the S.H Ervin is a tribute to an ebullient and gorgeous painter who just keeps getting better and better! Yay!

This is my sort of painting show!!!

Written by Bernadette

26th February - 10th April 2011

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