Saturday, May 14, 2011

Barometer Gallery - October (1953)

An atomic wasteland as seen through the eyes by two great photographers. The more I see photos printed on Cotton Rag the more I love them, it gracefully enhances the image.

I finally got the chance to meet Paul Ogier and talk to him about his work, charming and ‘awesome’!!! I purchased one of his works with my ‘Rudd Money’ a couple of years ago and it too is awesome...

The sunshine was streaming in through the windows on this fine afternoon and complemented the work hanging on the walls and this gallery really lends it’s self to this process. ‘Clouds (Emu Field atomic test site)’ 2009, Fuji instant prints is the perfect introduction. ‘Highway (Emu Field atomic test site)’ 2010, pigment ink on cotton rag, is the blackness of the night, a dirt highway in the middle of nowhere and perfect in black and white and my favourite of Paul’s. ‘Charlie (South Australia)’ 2010, pigment ink on cotton rag, a ruin left from the testing, a remnant hanging on in a radioactive environment...

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Catherine Rogers too, since first seeing her work at the Mori Gallery, and that giant Tasmanian tree photo is etched in my brain!!!

‘History landscapes (Emu Field)’ Arches Aquarelle paper, pigment ink, the third one in the set by Catherine Rogers is my favourite, it looks like a painting!!! The others are beautiful too, I love how there is more landscape than sky, it’s more of a detailed description of the land how it is now than what it once was...

Paul and Catherine have both photographed this dead land, this radioactive land, giving it an awakening and awakening something in themselves at the same time, these works are emotional and you are left wondering ‘are they safe from harm’!!!

Written by Fleur

4th May - 11th June 2011

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