Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chalk Horse - Jasper Knight

The new Chalk Horse is an intimate setting and a stark contrast from where it use to be, but it’s great and I love it!!! It’s perfect... When you think about it, a gallery has walls and a front door, this new space, it may be much smaller than it’s original but it has walls and a front door... Easy!!!

I’d heard about ‘Sydney Boat Show’ for awhile now and was getting excited about finally seeing it and I wasn’t disappointed, those electric bold colours, broad brush strokes and dripping paint like incessant rain. Also love how the support is not just wood but a mix up of perspex and masonite which gives the works an added edge...

Just couldn’t decide which one I loved the most, I’m also a fan of seafaring vehicles be they tugs or yacht’s I can’t discriminate and paintings of boats, especially these ones!!!

Jasper has done it once again, keeping the post-Pop essence alive and well and making me an even bigger fan...

Written by Fleur

5th May - 18th June 2011

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