Sunday, May 15, 2011

Damien Minton Gallery - Elaine Campaner

Can you imagine a world without television, we would have artist’s interpretations of news worthy stories just like these and that would be perfect. I just fell in love with them the moment I saw them, brilliant representations of historical moments, the use of everyday and iconic objects and antiques is just wonderful, they are funny and serious and to the point and if you miss the point then you need to open your eyes...

I love them all but my 2 favourite’s would have to be ‘Sorry’, it’s very touching and her use of colour and composition makes it a very beautiful piece. ‘Australia Day #1(Ford Falcon XL8), has everything except for the kitchen sink, but it fits perfectly, perfect for Australia Day!!!

And another reason I love them is they are available in different sizes, what more could you want...

Written by Fleur

10th May - 28th May 2011

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