Saturday, May 28, 2011

James Dorahy Project Space - Tracey Clement

What we have learnt from our parents, handed down from our parents and what our parents have taught us...

These works are a distorted view, a bit like some of Tracey’s earlier works, changing the way we see an object and an image, playing with what our eyes really perceive... Be it a work made of paper, metal, plastic or these embroidered pieces... It’s also what we want to see, what evokes a happy memory from our childhood, if your feeling blue than this is the show to put a smile on your dial, it offers up many happy childhood memories...

You can’t go past ‘Dog’, ‘Hammer-Head Shark Lady’, ‘Spotty Monster’, ‘Lizard Lady’ and ‘Bloopy Guy’, cotton embroidery on Irish linen, without smiling... Even ‘Ugly’ is funny!!!

The Praxinoscopes are a marvelous invention, hours of fun and frivolity since 1877, ‘Jumping Gecko Girl’, ‘Walking Dog’ and ‘Waving Lizard Lady’... Very affective in exercising the facial muscles and you do find yourself just wanting to spin them again and again...

The series of original drawings that date back to the 70’s by Tracey and her father are sensitive and funny once again and a real treat and before you go don’t forget to flip the Flipbooks!!!

Written by Fleur

17th May - 12th June 2011

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  1. Thanks for coming! No pics of me... how did you know I hate having my photo taken!? Thanks!! It's nice to see my own show from a different perspective.