Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alaska Projects - Kut

Alaska, Alaska you blow my mind, this is the second wonderful installment of this wonderful new space in the Kings Cross Parking Station. Alaska Projects is well on it’s way to making an impact on the Sydney Art scene.

I know what I love and I love the way the Artist’s mind works, how they can make beautiful works of art from anything they can lay their hands on be it old or new.

Rachel Forbes has made some beautiful work for this show, creating stories within the folded pages of old books and offering a subtle reminder that books maybe a thing of the past, well I hope not.
Maz Dixon has a nice way of looking at the world, through exploring destinations via postcards and old maps, I like the colours they used back then when making these maps, they give off a more worldly appeal and Maz has made them even better!

I grazed past the works by J D Reforma and I sensed a de-stylized approach to his work, sort of fighting off the will to promote ‘fashion’, but to repel the way we all perceive all things fashionable trying to re-educate us. These works are wonderful, really giving us something to think about.

Can we have works by Marilyn Schneider all the way through Westfield Shopping Centres please, especially the newest one in the centre of Sydney, it’s alittle bit boring and needs this maze like work to help it to be too kool for skool, besides I like something other than fashion to look at when I go shopping. ‘Piece by Piece’ by Kate Scardifield, really loved that piece too, with it’s attention to detail, it’s precise construction and it’s successful attempt at manipulating the human profile.

It looks to me that Aesha Henderson has a deep understanding of how the physical world behaves in creating these ‘Mountains’ of pleasure on the eyes, really loved this too, this work is quite intense but enjoyable to look at the same time. Not to forget ‘Conversation: 20 songs about us (past tense)’ by Siouxzi Mernagh & Sebastian Goldspink in the stairwell, that’s another work to give you something to think about.

Oh how I love Alaska and look forward to the next installment.

Fleur MacDonald

2nd November - 20th November 2011

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