Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gallery 9 - David Lawrey, Jaki Middleton & Simon Kennedy

Went to the opening on the same night as Alaska, so two great shows that blew my mind in one night, would I be able to cope. Yes!

Simon Kennedy with his world ‘The Preserved’ gives us a haunting adventure of extraordinarily beautiful charcoal drawings of WW11 spies. ‘The Preserver’, charcoal on paper also looks a bit like a spy, but not, as he is The Preserver of all stuffed animals. ‘Pointy Mountain’, charcoal on paper is a stunning piece, it’s mesmerising in it’s panorama. ‘Rabbit’, oil on linen, looks a little spooked with it’s ears up and it’s glazed black eyes.

I still have the invite from his 2007 show stuck on my door. What is it about his work I find so fascinating.

Running away from themselves or running away from something, ‘Nobody else comes through’, I love how these two artists, David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton have captured a moment in time, be it a split second, extended the perspective and made this piece come alive, well actually love all the works, got excited and yes goose bumps appeared on both arms!

Fantastically interesting, playing with mirrors, wood, polyurethane, paint, polymer clay, copper, pumice, wire, glass lens, LED’s, glue, timber and video.

You step away from the view and realize it’s just a small hand tooled box, but lovingly made. You look in and see another world, just a fraction of that world but it changes everything, just like the euphoria you get after seeing a fantastic movie, you have experienced something wonderful.

Fleur MacDonald

2nd November - 26th November 2011

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