Thursday, November 10, 2011

Performance Space - Carriage Works - John A Douglas: Body Fluid II

Nothing less than monumental.

A living breathing, wearing a gold body suit while attached to a Dialysis machine genius. The 10 hour performance installation successfully propels his illness out of the closed off room and breaking the stigma which is attached in the process.

This is a mind boggling performance of a man going without the use of his eyes, completely covered from head to toe in a gold body suit feeling his way through the motions of this staggering performance, which blew my mind.

If I ever have to go on Dialysis I would be demanding a gold body suit for the duration.

This man is a Genius!

Fleur MacDonald

4th November 2011
1 performance only

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  1. Was indeed a truly compelling and slightly disturbing performance. Good on you John.