Saturday, November 26, 2011

Damien Minton Gallery - China De La Vega & Peter Gardiner

With those fantastically fiery works by Peter Gardiner hanging in the project room, fire breathing and bursting off the canvas and as I was filming a walked past them and I could feel the heat, truly amazing I kid you not. This man is a genius and I finally got to meet him, how cool is that.

There is loads of references to Chinese Arts and crafts throughout the exhibition of China de la Vega, China has been a huge influence on China. This is a really lovely show. You can see in all of the works that each piece has been lovingly pummeled, pulled, torn, thrown against a wall, forced apart and turned inside out to create beauty from rumble. To stroke these works was an honor, one in particular which was purchased by a friend. It felt soft and smooth like a new born baby.

So now I wait with bated breath for the next solo of China’s.

Fleur MacDonald

8th November - 26th November 2011

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