Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gallery 9 - Group Show

Group Show is the first show for the year from Gallery 9 and I’m a little bit late getting this post up but sometimes life gets in the way of things you have to do.

How can I go past a painting called ‘Blue Monday’ especially when my ring tone is the song, but I guess there is no reference to match but still I like the painting and ‘Yellow Sunday’ to by Tonee Messiah. And Rebecca Pearson can do no wrong in telling little memorable stories with her 6 works, I loved them all.

The three paintings of oversized book covers by Adam Norton are a stand out bringing their time aged appeal to the forefront revealing their inner beauty. I found them quite mesmerizing and I’m not sure why.

Simon Kennedy makes me want to be a landscape painter again in a big way, to just go out and find these rolling green hills and sit and paint them, very inspirational.

As I stood locked in a stare at ‘We gravitate toward you as day fades to night’ by Brett East and for some unknown reason at first thought I was looking at an erupting volcano but then realized it was an erupting paint tube in a delicious cerulean blue and thought I could reach out and touch it but had to hold back. Very cool painting!

‘Trans-Seasonal Problem Scenery’, by Michelle Hanlin is striking in it’s abstracted form and the muted colours used, I kinda like the moon like balls floating above the land. This work really makes you think.

Was a bit partial to ‘Joop Buis Still Life’ by Jelle van den Berg it’s sweet and simple and ‘Flame Tree, Plume Smoke, Bush and Lambs’ Wool’ by Anna Kristensen is to die for.

I swear this year is going to be wild and wonderful.

Fleur MacDonald

27th January - 18th February 2012

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