Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Groups Who

Can someone pinch me please I’ve gone all numb from all the fantastically wild and mind blowing wonderful exhibitions I saw last year, it’s like everyone pulled out all the stops and it just didn’t stop and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop.

Wonderful to see a work by James Angus with his adventure in construction/ deconstruction, this one work has been nagging me since I saw it. If only we could walk on water we would all be able to walk or drive on his constructions. The looped metal could well be a metaphor for our life journeys of going around in circles. Hence doing the full circle!

And the colour orange could have been fluro yellow but thankfully it wasn’t as the orange is much more pleasant and helps to promote the appetite. It really is a fabulous work, I loved it!

Lovely suddenly blustery paintings by Tony Clark are perfect to look at on a still day. Found myself staring at the Bill Culbert piece ‘Trip Brand’ and it reminded me to start saving for my Scotland trip so I guess that’s pretty good since it’s a completely flattened suit case.

The Jacqueline Fraser works ‘The Making of’ collages were pretty interesting giving us a sample of her popular culture commentary.

Since leaving us Rosalie Gascoigne has left a gap that no artist has yet been able to fill, so it’s nice to revisit her work. And ‘Maiden of Silence (Ten Thousand Waves) by Isaac Julien is a sweet contemplative work that washes over you.

‘Colour Drunks and Ritalin’ and ‘Future Primitive’ by TV Moore are both wildly tempestuous in the exuberance of colour and multi layered abstraction... Loved them! Also loved the works by Nell, herself being truly honest and telling us how it really is and should be, this ‘Some of the things I AM’ is very funny and serious at the same time, it’s the family tree of stereotypes.

All of the works by Glenn Sorensen are intensely delicate and sensitive, so pure in their application and subject that when I first saw them I was so moved beyond words and I guess it has taken me this long to put fingers to keyboard. His technique is lovely he makes oil paint look like watercolour and his Petunia’s are just mesmerizing.

And to top off an excellent show Imants Tillers knows the path of luck.

Fleur MacDonald

1st December - 16th December and 17th January - 4th February 2011

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