Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gallery 9 - Craig Waddell

This new work is sumptuous again and thickly applied, probably this is why I couldn’t get any paint at the paint shop the other day. Just kidding!

Voluptuously painted, showing off the costumes of the day and giving the masters a run for their money. I loved Craig’s last show and I love this one, his approach to painting and not being afraid of running towards the bull at full pelt.

My favourites would have to be ‘The Widowed (after Velazquez) and if you look at the surface of the painting you will see how lovely and textured it is, offering us a bit of substance. The skin tones are a delight and the wild coiffed hair is marvelous.

‘Progression (after Velazquez)’ is magical in it’s bold reds and expressive detailing in the old man’s face.

When I went and saw the show after missing the opening I had the whole gallery to myself and I could have reached out and touched a few of the works but didn’t as I probably would have left lots of finger prints all over them from just wanting to touch them.

‘Velvet Dreams (after Velazquez)’ has been painted till he was blue in the face, well maybe not, it’s a wonderful rendition of the long face and the lace collar, stunning.

‘The Longing (after Gainsborough)’ I do believe that Gainsborough would have been impressed, the wanting look, the frills and again coiffed to an inch of it’s life. It’s a beauty.

‘The Sitter (after Rembrandt) has the hardest edge of all the portraits in this show but at the same time it still holds it’s allure and fascination of the original.

I’ve just experienced for the first time sitting for a portrait for the Archibald, I tried to remain composed but I kept saying funny things which made us both laugh, I have an enormous respect for portrait painters of studying one face for hours and hours and I bet back in Rembrandt’s day no one was laughing.

And in Craig’s case it’s ‘Quantity and Quality’ that counts!

Fleur MacDonald

22nd February - 17th March 2012

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