Monday, March 5, 2012

James Dorahy Project Space - Matt Glenn


‘Untitled (Fighter)’, Lambda print shows strength in character but with an acute sensitivity to the delicate subject matter, a son’s love for his mother.

Green Screen for an Action film, steel, .38 calibre bullet holes, auto paint is a mini piece of purpose built framed heaven hanging on the wall. A wonderful moment of genius.

This ‘Pink Flower’, steel, shotgun holes and auto paint is a large pink flower elegantly exploding it’s blossom for all the whole world to see.

It really is quite amazing what beauty you can see after such a violent act. I am certainly not condoning gun violence but I do when it comes to Art and hopefully no one was hurt during the making of this kind of Art.

‘Dream Bout’, fluorescent sign with lettering, this work speaks volumes and very loudly so I don’t really need to say much about it.

But Matt is a real sweetie, he has a very sensitive approach to his work showing off his attention to detail and creating a schmick and slick collection of beautifully powerful works.

Fleur MacDonald

28th February - 25th March 2012

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