Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alaska Projects - Reflect Deflect

For some unknown reason I missed my deadline for the last Alaska show, so this time I thought I’d pay a little more attention to the dates so I wouldn’t be to late.

‘Bad Blood’ acrylic on board by Scott Donovan is hanging in the corner of the room, hanging on an angle where the two walls meet, and commanding an audience. This monochrome portrait of someone with bad blood, sorry I have no idea who the subject is but it’s a really great painting and well executed. It definitely has a presence and I swear those eyes followed me as I walked around the room.

‘Erebus’ mixed media by Vincent O’Connor is I think quite a beautiful piece, not entirely sure what it is but I like how it sits on the shelf with the light reflecting on it’s surface, a little something from Dr Who maybe.

Have always loved holographic paper and ‘Gold Mind Map’ drawing on reflective contact by Ollie McKenzie is a fun work at that and the little bit stuck to the window too. You cant miss the bright ‘Pink Scissor Lift’ spray paint on wood and bolts by Bonita Bub if you did then open your eyes, it has the effect of holding the roof up and it works for me. ‘Electric Dreams’ mixed media by Jonny Niesche on top of the Biljana Jancic work ‘Above and Below’ aluminium tape is a match made in heaven.

I think it takes guts to whip off your knickers and urinate while standing, well walking over a large piece of paper in a busy parking station. ‘Untitled (Flung Piss Experiments) urine and ink on Hahnemuhle paper certainly wasn’t a ‘piss take’ especially since the finished product is a beautiful blue pigment painting.

Fleur MacDonald

11th April - 22nd April 2012

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