Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Drawing Room - Orbit

The Drawing Room has to be one of the smallest Art spaces in Sydney and one of the nicest. Originally it was the Cross Art Projects which has since moved up to Llankelly Place and then it became Tight Projects which has since moved on and now as The Drawing Room run by the one of my favourite painter’s Jelle van der Berg.

It shares the space with The Cross Books which takes up half of the space, so two walls are covered in books with a small courtyard at one end and the gallery space at the other end.

Orbit had nine artist’s hanging on these walls, all works on paper. All very quiet works hanging in this quiet space, including Anne Judell, William Wright, Debra Dawes, Peter Jones, Juan Den Pourg, Zen, Mehmet Adil, Eldred Wisdom and Jelle van der Berg.

I loved each one but I think my real favourites were ‘Untitled’ watercolour on paper by William Wright with it’s sensitive duck egg blue wash, ‘Gingham Study’ watercolour on paper by Debra Dawes was intensely beautiful. ‘Still Life Landscape’, acrylic on paper by Peter Jones with it’s loud shock of red disturbing the quiet reflection of the other works.

And ‘Pacific’, gouache on paper by Jelle van der Berg, which was hanging in the front room of the bookshop above the fireplace, and I found mesmerizing.

The Drawing Room looks like staying here for a while with shows booked for the next six months, for artists to create within a community to discuss their work either by word or through their Art.

Fleur MacDonald

1st March - 30th March 2012

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