Tuesday, April 17, 2012

James Dorahy Project Space - Matt Coyle & Gabrielle Courtenay

I first saw Matt Coyle’s work in a show at the Damien Minton Gallery a good couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised to see his work in this gallery.

These drawings are immaculate, beautifully crafted in pen, shadow’s that define the image and help tell the story in all their magnificent glory.

Love them all and especially the only one in the show that doesn’t have a figure or face in it, ‘Landing’ pen and ink on paper is really something to behold.

On the Project Wall is ‘Wunderkammer Series ‘Journey to ‘no man’s land’’, acrylic on canvas board, 3m x 3m by Gabrielle Courtenay. It’s a mammoth story about the arrival to a new land, new settlers discovering the native flora and fauna, of uncovering lost relics from the past, remembering moments from a childhood and engaging the viewer in it’s many tales.

I kinda like how it’s painted in monochrome as it’s almost like when you discover a shoebox full of old black and white photographs from your families past and you hold each photograph and study it’s every detail.

This work is a wondrous installation full of the future and the past and one that should not be missed.

Fleur MacDonald

27th March - 22nd April 2012

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