Monday, April 16, 2012

Gallery 9 - Simon Blau

An extraordinary show of precise beauty, of refined colour and textures. The work is made and then pulled apart to reconstruct into another work. ‘Cut painting with rail’, enamel on board with rail is my favourite piece in the show. It has this fragile sense about it, but at the same time letting you know that you can grab hold of it’s rail if you think you are going to fall. Wonder what would happen if you did.

Love the use of perspex in most of the other works, letting the viewer be a reflection as well as an observer and there is no beating about the bush with the titles as they are so cut and dry, a spade is a spade.

This new series of works gives us more of an insight to the ever changing relationship between Simon and his work, his love of the geometric and of minimal abstraction. The constant changing of the shape of the works keeps our eyes open and in awe.

Fleur MacDonald

21st March - 14th April 2012

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