Thursday, February 12, 2015

Michael Reid Gallery - Tim Moore & Kirsten Fredericks

The opening show for 2015 at Michael Reid Gallery Sydney carries the new years festive spirit and tosses it playfully towards mardi gras month with a whimsically phallic exhibition by Tim Moore and Kirsten Fredericks.

Both use craft techniques to put privates on display.  Both take a delectable poke at traditions.

For this exhibition Tim has pointed his needle in doilies and blankets bearing Disney icons, giving the playfulness of the characters new depths.

Meanwhile downstairs Kirsten has crocheted a new crop of kitsch and cuddly members preserved in bell jars and sprouting from vintage fantasy vessels.

Very touchable.

Check them out.


Some people don't get it, lots of people love it :)

Pamela Lee Brenner
Guest Reviewer

4th February - 28th February 2015

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