Sunday, October 3, 2010

Damien Minton Gallery - Peter Gardiner & Myfanwy Gullifer

A really lovely afternoon opening on a wet Saturday... with tea and cake and a bit of bubbly!!!

Myfanwy Gullifer in the project room showing off her wild sense of imagination and laugh out loud humour.... particularly funny is the 'There was a bed bug in the Chelsea'... Intense,  brightly coloured descriptive,  delicate ceramics...

Thinking of China, Sketching Morocco, Remembering the Grampians,  new landscape paintings by Peter Gardiner...  Moody and breathtakingly beautiful!!!...   I became a big fan of Peter's after seeing his entry for this year's Gallipoli Art Prize....  He should have won!!!

Here is an Artist,  not afraid to paint the landscape in it's bleakest light,  of raging storms and rugged landscapes...  Deep,  dark and  melancholy...  Or maybe I'm gushing a bit.... Well,  they are beautiful and soon I will have one hanging on my wall....

written by fleur

29th September - 16th October 2010

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