Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Robin Gibson Gallery - Untitled

'Untitled' has an interesting story to tell...  Seth Birchall, 10 small works on board and paper tells an almost eeire tale that sucks the viewer in, could this be a crime scene?

Helen Poyser's 'Soundmap' are truely beautiful, deep and detailed and I wished I had my magnify glass with me...

I found myself quite taken with Maryanne Wick's 'Cloud Series (Sydney to Tokyo) delicate ink drawings on paper napkins, a sheer delight!!!

As are 'Crumple & Drape' by Catherine Fox and the 3 wonderful works by interior champion David Eastwood... Also became completely mind boggled with Flora Parrott's '3D Scan, Wasp Nest', these works definitely get your mind working...

But I would have to say my favourite works of all are Addison Marshall's pencil on paper and plaster, he was after all in my top 4 that graduated from the National Art School in 2009... just wonderful!!!

So I'm sure whoever see's this show will find many a different story... Great show Carl, you have a career waiting for you in curating...

written by fleur

16th October - 10 November 2010

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