Monday, October 11, 2010

Gallery 9 - The Sno Group

The SNO Group
Justin Andrews, Lynne Eastaway, Sophia Echarchos, Billy Gruner, Suzie Idiens, Kyle Jenkins, Andrew Leslie, Ruark Lewis, Adrian McDonald, Rachel Park, Giles Ryder, Ian Andrews, Masato Takasaka, Sydney Ball, Rolande Souliere and Matthys Gerber

I had to make a second trip back to Gallery 9... And on this trip I discovered the beautiful 'A Painting for the Museum' by Giles Ryder in room 1... Standing quietly infront of this work was like standing infront of a majestic vista, the glistening tiny specks of holographic paint reflecting my every want... A textural piece that I really wanted to touch except for the glass stopping me... and the vinyl lined Tasmanian oak frame!!!

'Blue Dot' by Sarah Keighery in room 2 drags you in with not so much kicking and screaming... it's the blue, the depth and intensity of this hue, on a small round surface, dwarfed by it's surroundings but at the same time large for all the world to see.... Sarah draws you back to her other work in 'Gold Line' in room 3 which includes food additive, yet another strong piece commanding attention... guess I'm just a sucker for shiny objects... 

It's a beautifully balanced exhibition and one that I may need to revisit once again... There is lots to see and lots to take in so take your time, but don't miss this show!!!

written by Fleur

6th October - 30th October 2010

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