Saturday, October 23, 2010

Martin Browne Fine Art - Tim Maguire

Light and Water

Video works and lightboxes, Luminous, mesmerising, tranquil and just plain beautiful... New works by one of my favourite artists, for I have been a fan for over twenty years... Another aspect of water which he has explored in previous show's, oil on water, ice and now reflections... Different Parks and different places all with water aspects!!!

I found myself lost within 'Cool Park', unable to move from the mesmerizing moving image that lay in front of me... Who needs television when you can hang one of these works on your wall...

Perfect in every way, yes I know I'm gushing... Tim has a strong presence in the Art world today and for the rest of his life and for generations to come...

He brings the humble primary colour to it's knee's and recreates it into a masterpiece...

written by fleur

21st October - 7th November 2010

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