Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mop Projects - Michael Butler, Christopher Dean & Daniel Mudie Cunningham

'He who has butter on his head should not go into the sun' as Michael Butler says...  these 7 works in Gallery 2 are Beautiful... delicate collages and mixed medium denouncing fascism...  look closely at these works and you will see many swastikas...

'The Pink Monochrome Project' of Christopher Dean made me miss wearing my pink tights, if only they didn't have ladders in them I would have... works winding from the front door to the office in all it's pink glory and showing Mr Dean's sense of humour...

'Rhymes with Failure' by Daniel Mudie Cunningham is an intense video piece which gave me goosebumps.... I was completely mesmerized and couldn't move till it's end... And I never realized before that Australia rhymes with failure!!!

What ever is played on the Cello, it's resonance evokes melancholy... a yearning... and did Mrs Macquarie have that same yearning as she sat on her chair and watched the boats leave the harbour...

This is the BEST video installation I have viewed all year... A piece that can be revisited many times and a Must see!!!

written by fleur

30th September - 17th October 2010

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