Monday, February 14, 2011

Flinders Street Gallery - Composite (FSG Group Show)

This group show works really well, every piece fits within the group. ‘Phobia’ by Vilma Bader is a strong confronting piece, most don’t want to face their phobia’s and seeing it in print is just as hard. After seeing ‘Mountain Drawing’ at Kudos Gallery I have become a fan of Peter Nelson and these ‘Extension of a no-place’ are quite exquisite... And the detailed descriptive drawing ‘Metaphysisches Stileben’ by Kurt Schranzer is a real winner, it’s so quiet for such a lovely story line!!!

Just loved ‘I will always remember you’ by Floria Tosca, is she reminding us of an extinct species and telling us we will always have flies, it is a wonderful work, love the hairy legs!!!

I wish I had seen Wayde Owen’s last show, I meant to go but got held up, these 4 works are very expressive and I think my fav would have to be ‘Quiet Quails #2’... Did someone really do a woodblock print of ‘Bob Katter’, it’s so cool thanks Martin Wilson!!! ‘This is where they come for what’s left of your soul’ by Mike Roddy is a mysterious dark foreboding piece, very spooky but I liked it...

‘Untitled - Kinetic Artwork 1’ by Tom Langlands, it’s better than TV, I stood in front of it for some time and was quite mesmerized by it... ’57 Mount Pleasant Street’ by Mat de Moiser reminds me of home for some strange reason, unless it’s quite common suburban architecture that we all lived in at some time... James Powditch’s ‘Cathedral’ offers some solace and I loved his last show!!! ‘The Worth of Art’ by Andrew Sullivan tells me there should be a bank for only Art money!!! Luke Crouch can never falter, every work I have seen of his I have loved and I am thankful I have 1 in my collection...

And Luis Martinez you are a charming young man with an obvious talent, your work is wonderful and ‘Tupou’ is just great, thank you!!! ‘Objects’ by Max Lieberman is a treasured piece... Caz Haswell, love you and love your work!!!

‘Megafauna’ is probably one of the nicest works I have seen so far by Adam Cullen, it’s smiling and I like the hint of green... Wenmin Li’s ‘Untitled’ is the quietest work in this whole show but it’s beautiful and ‘Ghat by Ghat #50’ by Terry Burrows is really a lovely painting, it may be small but it packs a punch... Loved the Matt Huttlestone, ‘Painting:Thinking: Homesick for wilderness?’ An expressive landscape!!! Another show I missed was Josh Honeyman, his ‘Testing the Water’ is unique and shows a wonderful expressiveness in both colour and technique. ‘Empty House’ and ‘Kiama Study 1,2 and 3’ by Halinka Orzulok shows she’s still going strong... I do love Soma Garner’s 4 small works, particularly ‘Self-Portrait’ and ‘White Snow (Russia)’ they must hold so many memories. ‘Sticks and Stones’ by Michael Kempson is the perfect answer to that old saying, really loved this etching. And last but not least ‘Untitled (...WestCoast) by Alex Lawler shows me the nicer side to MDF board, although I would never use it myself this is a beautiful work and one not to be passed by!!!

So Jason Martin, I believe you have done well with putting this show together and I look forward to your next group show... Thank you...

Written by Fleur

8th February - 5th March 2011

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