Friday, February 18, 2011

King Street Gallery on William - Leo Robba and Arkaba Station

Oh dear, it was quite packed and I had a bit of difficulty getting through the crowd while filming my sweep and even taking photo’s got a bit hard...

Arkaba Station in the Flinders Rangers held a commanding landscape for 3 artists from the King Street Gallery stable... Leo Robba with his soft muted paintings of many trees and cliff faces... Joanna Logue and her misty blurry images of the dark green landscape, I think my favourite was ‘Rain - On the way to Arkaba Station’ and her beautiful sketch books, Wendy Sharpe with her ‘to die for’ tiny gouaches and her concertina books are a must to see... And I want one!!!

The Gallery was split in 2 to also hold Leo Robba’s fist solo with this gallery, Humanising the Landscape is a collection of amusing architectural shaped hedge paintings... My favourite’s would be ‘Red with big Hedge’ with it’s bitten edge, ‘Cherry Doughnut, Kingswood, Western Sydney’ he hit the nail on the head with the perspective in that one... and the moody ‘Burning bush between Black Pines’...

If you live in Sydney and haven't seen this shows then you best get to it...

Written by Fleur

8th February - 5th March 2011

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