Thursday, February 17, 2011

Watters Gallery - Leo Loomans, Rod McRae and Roger Crawford

Leo Loomans "Love is the speed of light"
These welded sculptures are engaging and beautiful. My Father was a Fitter and Turner by trade so I’ve always felt comfortable around welded steel if not around welding itself.
Just moving around these works is one way to gain an understanding of the value of these sculptural pieces. I was partial to the vertical in this lovely show!!!

Roger Crawford is a name synonymous not only with his Art but also teaching at the National Art School. Students have had the benefit of Rogers hugely informed, gentle approach to Drawing/Painting and his Art Practice over many years... It was great to walk around this show and see the breadth of work. If we believe an artists accent comes through in his work then here are some beautiful examples...

And not to forget Rod McRae’s haunting abstract washes that interspersed amongst Roger’s work!!!

Written by Bernadette

9th February - 26th February 2011

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