Thursday, February 24, 2011

James Dorahy Project Space - Nairn Scott

It was only just the other day when someone asked me where they could buy real doilys from and low and behold I am confronted by photogenic drawings on cotton rag of the most beautiful doilys I have ever seen!!! I think this is probably the best way to preserve history, and if you miss and love the old fashioned doily then this show is for you as every single one of the ‘The Doily Suite’ is a masterpiece in itself... I really loved them and couldn’t stop looking at them, I had a vague idea of how they were made but after chatting to Nairn he cleared the mud for me and especially with the ‘Birthmarks’ series... This series is not what you think, they are something completely different... Bringing to light the birth of plastic bottles at the point of inception, these works really do open your eyes!!!

And I was quite mesmerized by the exceptionally beautiful etched zinc ‘Between’ series, which if you stood at the end and looked sideways at the work you will see the extent of work that was involved in making them... This series is very quiet with it’s stark white appearance but with extreme depth... The next time you use a plastic cup you will most likely think differently about it and Nairn is an exception Artist and a wonderful friend to boot!!!

Nairn, love you and love your work...

Written by Fleur

22nd February - 20th March 2011

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