Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Damien Minton Gallery - In and Out of Newcastle & Angela Lane

The ones that caught my eye...

Isabel Gomez, ‘Old Land’, oil on canvas, I’m speechless it’s so beautiful...

Mark Hetherington’s ‘I made this sculpture for you’, oil on canvas, when someone says this we always assume someone has done something bad and now wants to be forgiven in a small unobtrusive way. And ‘Urn on a log in Space’, oil on canvas, of course it was what was I thinking!!!

Tanya Sparke, ‘Regent Bower Bird’, oil paint on found wooden rulers, this is a true delight...

Waiting for the Fall - Angela Lane

Mesmerizing, exquisite, sumptuous and to die for, these tiny paintings will take your breath away. I first saw them 2 weeks before the opening and just couldn’t get them out of my mind, went to the gallery website and reserved 1 and have now committed myself to paying it off. They are the most beautiful paintings I have seen in a long time, and I had a chance to meet Angela at the opening, although there was a queue of admirers waiting to meet her, got a chance to talk to her briefly and found that she was just as lovely as her work.

To some her subject matter can seem a little too full of doom and gloom, but remember we are looking at her representation of future landscapes painted in the old traditional way of the Dutch painters. Heavy in detail ‘From something to nothing’, oil on found board, it’s colours suggest a ravaged landscape. ‘From Whence The Smoke Came’, oil on found board, this is the 1 that captured my heart, I swear Angela must have been channeling Turner and being painted on an old bread board gives it that extra bit of passion...

Written by Fleur

12th July - 30th July 2011

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