Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Depot Gallery - Ron Nyisztor

So far this year has been all about ‘Abstraction’, show after show, each artist with their own perception and technique... So I couldn’t really not let this show by Western Australian artist Ron Nyisztor pass me by...

I was a little curious as to what ‘Wikipedia’ says about ‘Abstraction’ and saw the funny side when it clearly stated in brackets (“real” or “concrete”) and there are paintings of concrete blocks in this show, but it can only be funny for a moment as these paintings are quite serious.. And seriously beautiful!!!

Standing back I looked long and hard at each of these works, letting the distance between me and them settle quietly and comfortably. Studying the effect of his painting, how some of the objects look like they are just floating in thin space above a glass like surface giving the subjects an ethereal presence... I guess when you paint a picture of an object ‘as an Abstractionist’ you paint it in a different light by creating a different mood, giving a ‘banal’ object a new life so to speak... Helping us or making us really understand the object as it is and not what it’s for...

It was great to have a catch up with John McPhee who opened the show, we’d not seen each other since the early 90’s.

And I’m sorry I couldn’t get this post up sooner.. guess I have been a little overwhelmed by so much beautiful Art...

written by fleur

6th July - 16th July 2011

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