Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gallery9 - Rebecca Pearson, Sally Bongers & Brett East

The perspex and mixed media works by Rebecca Pearson remind me of religious icons, taking family and friends memories and transporting them to iconic level, creating different levels with different media is very affective for they are glorious. Each one packed tightly up and should be placed on a pedestal. And I love the Votives, like gargoyles on guard!!!
My video doesn’t do them justice...

In room 2, a selection of large photographs, by Sally Bongers, inkjet prints on archival paper of open spaces, a section of turf, a red carpet event, fallen blossoms, wedding confetti. Small observations that are transformed into large works and asking the audience to open there eyes as we go through life or we may miss something of value...

Is Brett East trying to trick us up and make us think that his photographs are actually photographs of his paintings, I’m just a little confused but at the same time overwhelmed by his technique. ‘Seeking to gain access to an immaterial reality beyond the limits of human vision’, oil on linen, is immensely breathtaking and gobb smackingly gorgeous!!!

Paint is a luscious substance especially for us painters, watching it while squeezing it out of the tube is almost like watching a kid in a candy store, preparing your palette is precious and ceremonial and sometimes can cause anxiety. ‘Monochrome Study 1’, oil on linen, this tiny painting is a testament to Brett’s long time affection for paint...

written by fleur

13th July - 6th August 2011

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