Friday, July 1, 2011

Gallery 9 - Andrzej Zielinski & Christopher Dean

The Pink Room - Christopher Dean and his direct response to quotes and expressions made by others, recreating them via monochrome text/abstract paintings using the full extent of the pink hue. They are more like public statements, announcements to the world. They are unique, each one holding a powerful message.

‘I pretended to be straight but knew he knew and I knew he knew and he knew I knew he knew remember that feeling (Phil Scott)’, oil on canvas, has to be my favourite it’s definitive in how most of us communicate in ‘silence’.

My personal immediate response to these works as a straight woman was, I found them quite calming, inoffensive and delightful in a cake decorating way as I respond firstly to colour but once I started to really look at them I found them quite profound.

His brush is mightier than any sword...

Devices - Andrzej Zielinski is representing our 21st century technology with wild excitement in the colours and techniques he uses in his paintings. Bright confectionery textures which bring these banal office products that we take for granted to life or offer them a second life.

‘Frozen Screen’, acrylic on canvas stands out in it’s good morning sunshine yellow, ‘Uploaded Green Laptop’, acrylic on linen, reminds us of once a long time ago how chunky and clunky new technology was. ‘Bank Machine at Night’, acrylic on linen with it’s luminous moonlight glow.

I just wanted to run my finger along the surface of some the works only because the colours and textures made me hungry.

Written by Fleur

15th June - 9th July 2011

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