Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TIGHT Projects - Rob Yee

As I missed Rob Yee’s first show with Tight due to illness, I wasn’t going to miss this one, and it was great. I do love the ‘Tight’ openings, the intimacy of the space tucked into 1 of Sydney’s better second hand bookshop’s with floor to ceiling books.

So a good book and a good glass of wine while looking at some great art doesn’t go astray...

My heart was captured by ‘Windmill’, delicately detailed to an inch of it’s life.

The representation of ‘Fish’, ‘Birds’ and ‘Butterflies’, ‘Fungi’ and ‘Masks’ are a sheer delight, beautifully relayed for scientific reference and lovingly displayed for publishing purposes.

And as I watched the crowd descend slowly happily upon ‘Preferences’, I discovered the quirkiness of Rob Yee’s work, his attention to detail and his attention to humour and fact all rolled into 1 to create the perfect book...

written by fleur

19th July - 6th August 2011

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