Friday, August 19, 2011

Tortuga Studios - Rather Be Naked 2011

My very first visit to the Tortuga Studios in St Peters where I finally got to meet for the first time after only dealing with her directly through cyberspace, the lovely Kathy Leung who is the founder of Pen & Paper, an online Art magazine, which Sixtoeight has a column. I delivered my 3 little paintings to be included in this exhibition and not just because of the column but also to meet other young and emerging Artists and visit new places.

These I think are the stand out works, ‘Portrait: Jim II’ by Nicholas Wright, the 1 eyed defender, hanging quietly on a wall by itself like the welcoming committee, it’s a striking piece and I found it standing out but softly speaking. There is 3 large photographs by Szymek Dorabialski titled ‘Babka’, ‘Ptak’ and ‘Husarz’ with a painted overlay telling a story of a snowy winters day somewhere very cold, I liked them and found them appropriately moody and they balance nicely next to Sarah Korte’s, ‘Man and his cock’ and ‘Man and his dog’, and Sarah has a lot to answer for as these 2 works are very beautiful, her application and her attempt to deceive made me snigger.

Celine Roberts with her ‘His and Hers’ are 2 masterful pieces and thankfully I was hanging right next to 1 of them, really loved them and shows her attention to detail and her obvious skill, including also is ‘In Loving Memory’, I think all grave stones should have knitted covers as it offers them the loving warm attachment to family and friends, well done!!!

Hanging on the other side of my 3 little paintings is 2 beautiful works by Kathy Leung, ‘Miho’ and ‘The trust walk’ are just gorgeous, I’m a sucker for works on wood and especially the wood Kathy has chosen to work on, Maple. These 2 works tell a tale about her children but not human children. The choice of colours bring out the wood grain and her masterful technique will hopefully propel her to greatness.

The opening was a hoot and I had lots of fun and met some wonderful people, it’s always great to have somewhere nice to sit down and share drink and talk about Art.

Thank you to all involved including the lovely people at Tortuga Studios...

written by fleur

13th August - 20th August 2011

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