Sunday, August 7, 2011

King Street Gallery on William - Idris Murphy

Skipping the light fantastic...

Everyone knows that the light changes where ever you may be, the light I grew up with back in Central Queensland was almost eerie at different times of the year and blinding the rest of the time.. Idris has harnessed the suns rays to paint some amazing paintings, amazingly beautiful and true to the light witnessed.

Capturing the landscape in the frenzy as it is, as the light changes so rapidly, remembering and visualizing it and frantically getting it down on paper. Some of us have a photographic memory but the rest of us have to rely on then and there.

‘Strange Light on Barrier Ranges’, acrylic on board, I really really love this painting, the colour’s Idris has used really bring the landscape out, creating a sumptuous glorious effect. It has the light dancing on the vegetation with brooding dark green lurking in the background. ‘Quiet Pink Shadows Fowlers Gap’ and ‘Still Light’ both acrylic on board are beautiful sensitive works, it looks like Idris has used the early morning light when everything looks so different, but I could be wrong.

‘On the Way to Turkey Creek’, acrylic on board is an absolutely fantastic painting expressing the exuberance of a painter not afraid to use bright colour’s, the orange, the pinks, I swear those Turkey’s have got it made. ‘Brithy Inlet South Coast’, acrylic on board, is perfectly balanced in the greens he’s used to a calming affect and I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning ‘Memory from Cooee Bay Qld’, acrylic on board, as this one reminds me of a place I visited a lot while growing up in Rockhampton.

If you miss this show then kick yourself as I see this show as a highlight of the year and if you get a chance to see it watch the photo slideshow as they explain everything and also if you manage to turn up at the Gallery when Idris is there, talk to him as he is just as fabulous as his work and a very charming fellow...

written by fleur

26th July - 20th August 2011

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