Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brenda May Gallery - Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller has gone from strength to strength since I last saw his work at the National Art School Graduation show, was it only last year, yes it was. So I found myself a little (happily) overwhelmed by his sculptured friends and still wanted to pick them up and give them all a bit of a cuddle and I’m sure Todd would have let me.

I have picked out 4 of my favourites, ‘Voyeur’, ink and pigment on terracotta and white earthenware, acrylic on timber, iPod showing ‘Face Morph’, is a strong beautiful contemplative piece with it’s chunky bulk texture, is it expressing a longing? and it could actually be my totally favourite as it reminds me that I am watching far too much television.

‘Grey Squirrel’, flocked terracotta, pigment, acrylic on timber, astro turf, this chap looks like he knows what your thinking and would be the perfect aid in losing weight.

‘The Mascot’, flocked terracotta, pigment, ink, acrylic on timber, astro turf. This fellow has his racing bunny suit on without the headwear, is he taking a breather from the hectic race, he could well be, it’s a hard life working as a bunny.

‘If Found Do Not Resuscitate’, flocked terracotta and pigment.. I am torn, this 1 is ‘too cool for school’, this is just how I feel when I walk behind slow walkers, I just want to hit them in the back of the head and let them fall to the ground, and the guy in the pink is directing traffic... Love it!!!

I love his sense of humour and I also love the fact that you get 3 Artist’s in 1, Sculptor, Painter and Film Maker and most of these works are very masculine and some have sprinklings of femininity blazingly imprinted in them. It’s like he’s bringing a drawing of his own life to life, through the animation, the drawings and the sculptures..

Tense is a fabulous show and Todd Fuller you are an amazing and entertaining chap and I look forward to your blustering long career..

written by fleur

2nd August - 27th August 2011

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