Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sheffer Gallery - Monica Epstein

I looked at the first work ‘Dr Ron Dreyer’ and then I look at this older gentleman standing next to the work then I look back at the painting and look at this man again and realize it’s him the real Dr Ron Dreyer, Monica’s husband and it’s a wonderful likeness.

Monica Epstein has worked exceptionally hard this year creating this extensive body of work, this ongoing series of portraits of people both living and deceased that have inspired her throughout her career. I first met Monica back in the mid 90’s at another opening, we lost contact but managed to find each other about 10 years later and have remained in contact since. Monica has a very strong work ethic and is a prolific painter and you can see that with this show.

“ ‘Official’ Old Fransisco Goya” is one of favourites from the deceased portraits, Monica has caught him as if she has known him personally. The ‘Francis Bacon’ one with the red background, for some unknown reason this 1 works better than the other, must be the strong red as it shows us the strength of character of the subject. ‘Lucian Freud Study’, gives us a look back in time of the then young painter heading for greatness, particularly like the furrowed brow and the choice of colours.

‘Rosalie Gascoigne’, Monica has painted with transferred calmness, this one is a beauty, I’m calm just looking at it. ‘Young John Olsen’ is another beauty, the colours are so vibrant, the eyes stand out like, in fact when you look at all the works it’s the ‘Eyes’ that look like pools of precious jewels, really quite amazing. Some have almost startled looks, just like a rabbit does in car head lights and some look lovingly at you in a strange but endearing way.

Just loved ‘Jane MacGowan’, from now on when I see Jane I will see Monica’s brilliant painting of her.

I’m not being bias but I really loved this show, I loved her painting style, her technique, her attention to detail and her ability to bring so much out of each character in each of these portraits... Well done!!!

written by fleur

10th August - 27th August 2011

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