Monday, September 12, 2011

The Cross Art Projects - Green Bans

If the Green Bans had not existed, then from Potts Point to Woolloomooloo in Sydney would not look half as nice as it does today.

Back in the 70’s local residents rallied and with help from the BLF stopped developers from doing what they love to do. There is a long and dark history that followed the Green Bans, from bashings, mass evictions to even murder, but if you need more information then it’s best to click here ..

Time would not allow me to go on the Green Bans Walk and I only got to see this show. But the work I saw was wonderful especially the watercolours by Fiona MacDonald.
Two different images were placed over each other like a double photograph but in watercolour, her technique is very affective and strikingly different and profound.

Both of us tried hard to reconnect for a film of her talking about the work, maybe next time.

This whole event was well worth the effort on Jo Holder and Fiona MacDonald’s part as every inch of this time in history was well researched and produced a fantastic exhibition.

Fleur MacDonald

6th August - 27th August 2010

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  1. Great post about an important subject Fleur. Will have to get in and see this. Took a nice studio portrait of Jo a few months ago. Small world,!~)