Sunday, September 18, 2011

Damien Minton Gallery - Tom Carment

‘Places I’ve Been’

As there is over 80 works in this exhibition, I’m only picking out 5 of my bestest favourites as I love every single 1 of them otherwise I will write about this show until the cows come home.

‘Dawn, Middleback Station’, oil on wood panel, has that twilight effect, when all the colours are heightened and only happens in a very short time frame, but it’s dawn and the sky is a wash in colour with no clouds and the sun just starting to appear. It’s gorgeous!

‘House at Currarong’, oil on linen, I’m drawn to the expressive cloud display, bouncing in abundance above a lush green cottage setting.

‘Angel, Waverley Cemetery’, oil on wood panel, this is so beautiful, so serene and delicately detailed from a loaded brush. Tom has captured the strong presence this Angel holds over all of us, commanding the landscape and seascape from all evils of life and death.

‘Cradle Mountain, Overland Track’, pen, ink and watercolour on paper, a delightful soft and alluring triptych which really makes me want to go there and check it out for myself. A snapshot in 3 parts.

‘Easter Show II’, pigment ink on paper, Tom has wonderfully captured these friendly souls uncaged and caged, all they need now is captions. I love the geese!

Tom is a wonderful expressive plein air painter and a charming fellow too, he has given us a fantastic overview of his daily life, has let us sit next to him on his many painting trips and shown us in all the glory what he sees before him.

Fleur MacDonald

30th August - 24th September 2011

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