Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rex-Livingston Art Dealer - Dr Lisa Anderson

As I completely forgot to attend the opening I have neglected to take any photos or do a proper sweep of this show, I only have the video of the artist herself Dr Lisa Anderson talking about her work, the video runs a little over 6mins and I urge you to watch it as I think it’s pretty good.

Clouds and Roses is a collection of photographs and paintings that reflect the change in the weather and taken during numerous residencies in Australia, Paris, the Artic, Saint Tropez, Beijing and Central Java and the list goes on. A weathered landscape both natural and man made, statues and mouldy interior walls, crumbling bark and aged death masks.

‘Landscapes and Clouds #5, edition of 8’, 2011, digital print on archival paper is one of my favourites, the setting sun and the stormy clouds add to the moving image. ‘Lunette Before the Storm, edition of 8, 2011, digital print on archival paper, is a beauty, love the manipulated colour and the spherical image, almost like looking into the future and ‘Landscape Horizon, edition of 8, 2011, digital print on archival paper, gives a strong presence with it’s dark foreboding like forewarning us of a dangerous drought.

I had the privilege to interview her in a dummy radio interview, and thought up some lengthy questions to prompt a lengthy answer from Dr Lisa, who has “Doc Lisa, What were you thinking” on Eastside FM 89.7, a half hour show about creative people who inspire us all and why they do what they do.

And as it so happens Dr Lisa has inspired many as she was the first person to project images onto the Sydney Opera House and thus has since been a major influence to the ‘Vivid’ festival, well I think so.

So if you happen to be in Sydney this show closes on Sunday 4th September 2011...

Fleur MacDonald

11th August - 4th September 2011

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