Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gallery Barry Keldoulis - Joan Ross & GBK Awardees

Ok, my first visit to Gallery Barry Keldoulis in his current location, I missed Joan’s last show due to illness and didn’t want to miss ‘BBQ this Sunday, BYO’ so managed to get to the opening with the help of my ‘gps’. The opening was packed to the rafters with a lengthy queue for a drink but was served by some very nice young people which I had to include in the video, I also had hoped to film Joan talking about her work at some point during the duration of this show but found myself flat out like a lizard drinking.

It’s wonderful how Joan has displayed our country’s history in this story she is telling here with a continuation from her last hi-fluoro show that also included manipulated works by Joseph Lycett’s colonial landscape.

This is a history lesson for all of us, I saw the Museum of Sydney’s exhibition of Joseph Lycett a few years back and was totally besotted with his work, his fine detailed application of gouache to capture this new found land and record it for history.

Joan has bought back Joseph’s work in safety first fluoro yellow and in the process has reminded us of what has happened, thrown in loads of humour and a bit of today's values and human behaviour that seems to have not changed. And in doing so Joan herself has made ‘history’...

GBK Awardees - Wow I didn’t know that GBK offered cash to help a selected few Honour students with their end of year project from the College of Fine Arts, this is fantastic and I hope more established galleries follow suit as it obviously offers hope.

With lots of wonderful works to look at and gaze upon, I can only list the artist’s here as I just can’t pick favourites. Rosie Deacon, Marilyn Schneider, Dan Simon, Nathan Babet, Ioulia Terizis, Shalini Jardin, Ben Norris, Lachlan Anthony, Hugh Marchant, Melanie Borham, Joel Beerden, Tara Cook and Dara Gill. Well done!!!

Fleur MacDonald

12th August - 3rd September 2011

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