Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alaska Projects - Nick Collerson

Love Alaska too!

It is a refreshing thought that most of the artist’s I know have an Art memory from their childhood, be it painted velvet, painted by numbers, string art, copper art and the list thankfully goes on. Even finding an old unsigned painting amongst your family’s stored belongings brings back those memories of first discovering it and wondering where and when it was painted.

Nick Collerson has this amazing old landscape ‘Default’ in his current show that has me wondering, wonder where is came from, where it was painted and why it ended up where no one knows about it, but bringing it into the fold and making it stand alone. Reproducing it in his own way, honoring it and imploring it’s origins and incorporating it into his own Art work.

It is a beautiful landscape, but I think Nick’s representation is better particularly with a more contemporary feel, ok I’ve been thinking about this show for 10 days now, this painting planted a seed in me and it’s grown into a Forrest.

Moving right along, Nick is also very good at painting bruises, ‘Right Hook’ looks real and has been placed on a canvas of flesh coloured paint, it is very affective and I found myself approaching it with a hand over my mouth while saying ‘Oh my, are you alright’, I’m sure the canvas is fine.

‘Constellation’, at least I asked before I touched it, it felt smooth beneath my hand, love the feel of wood, guess that’s why I am a painter and a daughter of a builder.

This show should not be missed and yes if I find out you have missed it then...

Fleur MacDonald

30th November - 18th December 2011

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  1. Fleur, thank you for you kind words about the show. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

    Nick C